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Below we will update our construction industry blog weekly with new and helpful articles to help better explain how the construction industry works. Also to better inform and educate anybody that is looking to either build, remodel and or design a space. If you have any feedback or a specific topic you would like us to talk about please Contact us here. Or stop by our Home Page

modern blue dining room with abstract light fixture

Cool Ideas For Interior Designs

Reading Time: 5 minutes Cool ideas for interior designs deal mainly with the art or process of designing the interior decoration of a room or building. This article helps

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removing asbestos on roof

Asbestos in the Home

Reading Time: 3 minutes Asbestos in the Home For most of the 20th century, asbestos was heavily used for constructing new homes and buildings. It was cheap to produce

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How Long Will My Project Take?

Reading Time: 2 minutes Quite unexpectedly, the answer to this question is, “it depends.” In a 2016 survey; the Census Bureau found that the average completion time of a

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What is an Allowance?

Reading Time: 3 minutes When you’re building your custom home, you might see the term allowance in your contract with the builder. As someone new to the world of

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construction workers wearing hard hats

What is a Punch List?

Reading Time: 3 minutes At some point, every home build, renovation, or addition comes to an end, and work is completed. However, when this happens, it’s not enough for

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