How to Protect Your Home from Salt Water

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Living in Florida means dealing with saltwater in the air and on your home. The closer you live to the beach, the more of issue saltwater will present. Many people don’t realize that having a home on the beach will mean dealing with salt air corrosion. As such, there is a bit of a different care routine that will go into a beach house when compared to other homes. 

Start With Avoiding

The best way to protect your home is to avoid the issues that will arise in the first place. While there are things that you can do after the fact, the more you do not prevent issues, the better you home, and your life will be later. 

Avoid Metal

In a salty atmosphere, metal is not safe. Make sure that your windows are fiberglass and that any outdoor attachments that must be metal are coated to protect from the harsher environment. The best metal to leave out will be stainless steel or steel that is hot-dipped and galvanized. 

Avoid Leaving Things Outside

Everything you own will be affected by the saltwater if not protected. All your belongings should be cared for with mind to what they are and where they will be kept. Bikes and motorcycles should be treated with salt neutralizers. Frequent washing will prevent mineral accumulation. 

In the same mindset, furniture, boats, and other items left outside can be treated with stains and waxes that work the same way. In addition, pressure washing can keep them from building up a layer of salt that will corrode the stain or varnish. Before storing anything that was left outside, make sure to wash it with clean water and dry it completely. This will make sure that your items will still be in perfect condition when you pull it out next time.

Maintain with Cleaning

After you’ve done everything you can to prevent your home from the issues that arise from having a home by the ocean, maintenance will still be required. Regularly taking proper steps will ensure that your home stays in the best position it can be.

Pressure Washing

Your home should be pressure washed at least each season when living on the beach. Moisture build-up and saltwater exposure will leave your home susceptible to sea-spray. The small salt crystals will settle under the paint’s surface and the build-up, eventually causing the paint from your home to chip away. This is most common at corners and changed in the material. 

Repaint Your Home

Unlike a home elsewhere, your home will have to be repainted more often. As talked about above, the salt in the air and water will eventually cause the paint to chip no matter how much care you put into your home. When this happens, it’s important to hire the right professional. They should be aware of the differences that come with living by the ocean. If they don’t know, they could do more harm than good. 

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