What is a Punch List?

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At some point, every home build, renovation, or addition comes to an end, and work is completed. However, when this happens, it’s not enough for the crew to pack up and fade away. First, you must make sure that everything has been finished as expected. As some would say, all the i’s have been dotted and the t’s crossed. It’s time for the construction punch list.

What is a Construction Punch List?

At the end of construction, a few people come back to site for one final walkthrough. At this event, you or your representative alongside the designer and the builder will walk through

the home to ensure that everything has been done correctly and completely.


On this list, you’ll think about small fixes as larger issues have been taken care of. Now you are fixing things like scuffs on the floor, incorrect installations, and non-functioning appliances that were installed by the crew. While these changes might be small, they are vital to ensure that your custom home has the right finishing touches.

How Are Punch Lists Executed?

This list should be looked at when “substantial completion” of the project has been achieved. As that term suggests, you will come on site once minor fixes and significant issues have been taken care of. At this point, the general contractor contacts the owner, you, or the owner representative if there is one.


At the scheduled walkthrough, you or your representative point out issues they see. The project manager or general contractor will then explain any changes that did or should happen. After each conversation, they will note any further changes that need to be addressed. If anything doesn’t conform to the original plans, the architect will also be there to explain and address that.

Who is Responsible for the Punch List?

Who is in charge of a punch list depends on where it is in the process of completion. To make understanding this process simpler, we’ve broken the groups down by who they are and what they do.


  • Owner: Once the punch list date is set, the owner will come out and ask questions about things they don’t understand. They look for inaccuracies, and incomplete items then hand the list to the general contractor.
  • General Contractor: The general contractor will join this walkthrough to look for additional issues and explain anything to the owner.
  • Designer: At this point, the designer will also join in answering questions and in making sure that the set design was built. 
  • Subcontractors: After the walk through the subcontractors will get the list of items and take care of each. The must explain each fix and why it was or wasn’t made to specifications.


The punch list is a vital part of your custom home build. Ensuring that everything has been built to specifications is the best way to ensure quality in your new custom home. Though it might add a few days to your project, a home that will last you decades to come can wait for perfection.

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