Cool Ideas For Interior Designs

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Cool ideas for interior designs deal mainly with the art or process of designing the interior decoration of a room or building. This article helps guide you through the various themes and designs. In return help, you find the one that’s precisely right for you.

Minimalist Decor

Sometimes bigger is not always better and more is not always the best. It’s best to keep things as simple as possible because too many accessories can be distracting. In addition, not to mention causes unnecessary clutter.

Nothing says sophisticated more than an ultra-modern, minimalistic look. This is especially best for townhouses and houses built in more urban neighborhoods.

Try to keep it simple. Avoid unnecessary accessories and clutter. Try to leave as much space as aesthetically possible to create that illusion of space. Choose functional furniture to maximize space and add to aesthetics, maybe a potted plant but not one that clashes with the overall color scheme. For colors, select neutral light hues like slate gray, white, or even beige. Please keep in mind that bright colors make small spaces look bigger, so don’t overuse the darker tones.

Consider some simple artwork that complements your color scheme, maybe quiet landscape paintings or some monochrome photo art.

Colorful Decor

Occasionally, you want to bring out the artist in you, or you might just be the type who gets bored at staring at the same dull color scheme all day. In that case, maybe a more vibrant and verdant living space is what you need.

Experiment with different color schemes and shades, but don’t forget to adhere to the basic rules of color combination to avoid clashing colors. Try different themes from floral to summer (such as in the image above) and even something more artsy and daring like something straight out of a Picasso. Consider using lighter woods like white Ash, Maple and even white Oak.

Try using patterned rugs, maybe a decorative bookshelf or armchair and even a complementary painting. Remember that color needs light, so this works especially best in well-lit areas, particularly natural lighting if possible, but if it’s not possible to avoid fluorescent lights which have a way of bleaching and distorting colors.

White Themed Decor

This may seem overdone and even stale by now, but if done properly, it could be a breath of fresh air. Not only does it make small spaces look bigger, it also adds this layer of sophistication and an avant-garde look to the interior.

As with most white-themed projects, remember to keep it simple. White gives a very neutral, reserved atmosphere, so anything improper is bound to stand out. Even with that being said, don’t be scared to experiment a little, try dark wood, light wood or even mix the two together. Add other light or natural hues to bring out a little color to the environment. Consider a floral arrangement with white petals such as white Roses, Orchids, and even Carnations.

Rustic Decor

Some people are more outdoorsy and don’t like the idea of being cooped up at home all day. Such people should consider more woodsy designs, with lots of natural light and good ventilation. That gives the impression of being in the great outdoors. Mix different wood colors and themes, a great idea would be to match the tree types native to your environment to further add to the illusion of being outside. Consider some potted plants, a landscape painting, and even some decorative stones and seashells, especially if considering a seashore theme.

Blue Themed decor

Blue is a remarkable color for a home decor theme. It has a natural calming effect and can help reduce the stress that you are bound to accumulate after spending a long day in the office. If going for a seaside theme or using ocean blue, try mixing in some soft greens or whites. Please keep in mind how important lighting is in this situation to avoid creating a more stormy look. (unless, of course, that is your intention).

Add some softer toned wood, especially Beachwood if you’re using a seaside theme. Bring in some decorative accessories such as seashells, ocean stones, and even some sea-themed paintings.

Victorian Themed Decor

Popular especially among writers or romantics who like to work in the atmosphere of the old day England. Admittedly, this might be pricey to pull off, but if you’re willing to, I’m sure you’ll see it’s worth it. Try to avoid more modern appliances like stainless-steel or monochrome art. Envision deep brown mahogany, soft colored light spilling through the curtains and a soft armchair in the corner to brainstorm or relax.

Try an old Victorian-styled rug, some period-appropriate artwork and maybe even a tea set (the image of a typical English man isn’t complete without it). Be adventurous and try some animal prints like tiger or zebra, which were considered extremely exotic then.


Find the one that best suits your personality and your home.

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