How is a Design + Build Company Better?

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Recently, we talked about how a Design + Build firm has everything under one roof. During that post, we went briefly into how this makes the overall cost cheaper. However, that’s not the only positive to come from this type of construction setup. Today, we’re going to talk about what makes a Design+Build firm better overall and how.

Hiring a Design+Build is Faster

The main advantage of hiring a design+build firm is the speed at which everything is completed. First, your search, when you look to build your own home, you need a designer, engineer, and build team. Finding each one of those individuals can be complicated. However, a design and build firms have everything under one roof. 

Once you’ve picked a firm, things continue to happen at a faster pace. This is because design+build companies are used to working with each other and have a better grasp on what will and what will not work for your needs and the land at hand. The architect will be able to walk down the hall and talk to the project manager and engineer right when something happens.

One Contact For Everything

Simplicity is the name of the game for homeowners in custom home construction. Many homeowners don’t want to have three or for points of contact to keep everything straight. Design + Build firms offer one point of contact from the design phase until well after you’ve moved into your new space. 

This simplifies talks and can even reduce miscommunication and misunderstanding as your new home is built. This alone will further speed up the construction of your custom home as compared to a traditional build. 

You will Save More Money

When your designer and project manager are working together, they have the ability to find the best solution for everyone. This can result in more cost-effective designs that don’t have to be re-worked part of the way through the construction of the home. In addition, they can see issues before they arise, saving money through time and pre-planning. 

Beautiful Communication For Everyone

Lastly, we’ve talked about the ability to communicate between all groups within each of the above points. However, we think that this idea is so important, it deserves a “pro” space of its own! When you have all teams under one roof, each party will be able to talk to the other easily. This is the factor that leads directly to the growth in savings and time that can be seen. In addition, the excellent communication and teamwork that design + build teams often have will further lead to the simplicity felt on the clients end! 

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