Ten Types of Room That Can Be Added to Any Home

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When you’re working to build a custom home in Florida, you know you need a good mud (sand) room as well as a living room with a great air conditioning. However, there are a few types of rooms that you might not have thought about before. These ten types of rooms are great for making sure that you will have everything you need in a home for years to come.


This space is a throwback to when people took more time to relax and read. Perhaps, this is the perfect way to create a technology-free space in your home? This room is perfect for taking a nap, reading, or relaxing during the day. Ample light, comfortable furniture, and a table for tea and snacks will round out the design of this space. 

Dressing Room

Why have a small walking closet when you can have a whole room dedicated to clothing? This room is from the victorian era. Your dressing room should have storage for clothing, shoes, and accessories. In addition, look into creating a space for a vanity so that you can walk into the room, bare-faced, and walk out finished.


These rooms are more common when people are actively looking for a place where they can raise kids. In addition to giving the kids a space of their own, it’s the perfect way to make sure that toys don’t end up in all areas of the home. Decorate with bright colors, toys, chests, drawers, and even a child wall! 

Bar Lounge

If you have space in the sunroom or on the porch, a bar lounge is a perfect way to create a sunny space dedicated to adult beverages. Creating a basement lounge is perfect for video games, sports, billiards, and parties. Spice it up with your favorite team or make it into a 50s dinner with red and white.

Panic Room

If you have a home security system and valuables in your home, a panic room might be perfect. In general, only you and your builder will know the location of this room. It’s hidden and will have the brains to the home as well as important and expensive documents such as birth certificates or legacy jewelry.

Wine Cellar

While this might have been the space for a root cellar in the past, the wine cellar is the perfect addition for families that like to indulge a little. If you want to take it up a notch, creating a hidden set of stairs in your island for easy and impressive access.


Last on this list is something for the furry children in your life. A catio or cat patio is the perfect way to give something back to your cats. This is a space outside for your indoor cats. In general, it’s the size of a large birdcage or small sunroom. It should have a screen on the walls and things for the cats to lay on. Perfect for giving them somewhere of their own and keeping the litter outside!

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