Custom Home Builders in South Florida

Elite construction firm for those who accept nothing less than the best.

“Unsurpassed process. The experience we deliver is what defines the ‘family values built-in.’ Not just any family. Our family. We don’t put the Wiltrack name on just anything. It has to be distinct. We make the process pleasurable from the initial meeting to the final walk-through. The product is phenomenal.” 

– Michael Wiltrack

Our Custom Home Build Process

When you choose Wiltrack you choose a streamlined construction method where one company is in charge of both the design and build processes, Wiltrack. You, the homeowner, have one point of contact for all phases of the project rather than two or three or four. As your custom home builders in South Florida, Wiltrack holds the responsibility and risk for all aspects of the build.

custom home blueprints


When you bring your custom home plans to us, we will make sure everything is in order to get started.

With Wiltrack on board in the planning phase of your project, you won’t have to worry about finding an architect or the engineers. Everything is handled in house or with trusted partners who’ve been part of the Wiltrack family and past projects. Your part of the designing and planning phase includes dreaming and telling us exactly what you want your dream home to look like. Our design team handles everything else.

martin county florida custom home. built by wiltrack construction and development group llc


During construction, you can expect Wiltrack Construction to keep you in the loop. You’ll know about any changes and have a say in the whole process. 

The building phase is where so many projects go off the rails on time and budget. There are schedules to maintain, contractors to coordinate, and materials to track. Wiltrack keeps everything on track for your dream home in the build phase. If we aren’t on time (or early) or coming in at budget then we haven’t achieved project success. Our build team has years of experience working together to complete successful projects.

Custom home kitchen modern style


During the closeout of your project, the final touches will be added. Finally, your final walk through will ensure that you are happy with your new custom home. 

We know it all comes down to the finishes. The finishes in your dream home and the finish line of a project. Learn more about what our founder, Mike Wiltrack, thinks about that subject here. Mike tirelessly hits the finish line every time with flawless finesse. Providing exactly the experience a luxury home design-build should be.

The finishes of your home have the mark of you and your personality. With Wiltrack you know that your best qualities will be reflected in every nook and cranny of the finished product. Finishing work is completed by trusted partners.

The Wiltrack Promise

At Wiltrack Construction we promise to maintain our eye for detail, conduct a comfortable and comprehensive final home inspection.

custom home on the ocean patio view

An Eye for Detail

Wiltrack Construction is the premier luxury home construction firm in the South Florida area for a reason. Our eye for detail means you will get the custom home you deserve, down to the smallest details.

Not all custom home builders in South Florida are created equal. If your dream is to build a luxurious custom home that will remain relevant and withstand the elements, you wouldn’t hire a contractor that specializes in tract (cookie cutter) homes. Getting the right expert means you get the right eye on all of your details.

Hiring a contractor who builds in the style you are looking for will lead to fewer headaches and surprises. Though some home builders don’t have a niche, all will have a style that they like and (hopefully) build well. For example, if you go to a custom home builder that focuses on luxury beach houses and ask for a small cabin, you’re wasting your money. Making sure that your home is in their ballpark will make sure that you are paying for the right experience.

Wiltrack Construction has the right eye for detail, luxurious style, and the experience to help you bring your dream home to life. You can see a few of our past projects here.

Home inspection

When your home is almost finished, we will invite you to tour your home for a final inspection.

Just like when you buy an existing home, it’s important to do a similar final walkthrough. For Wiltrack, the final inspection happens when your home is almost finished and gives you a chance to see your home, fall in love with your home all over again, and let us know if you see anything out of place. This is your chance to let us know how much you love it or if we missed that one thing you really wanted but forgot to share. Our goal is always 100% satisfaction with your custom home build.

Pros & Cons of Custom Home Building


Less Competition

Generally, sellers get the best deal through bidding wars and you end up spending more. A custom home doesn’t have this competition, so you can get more for your money. With Wiltrack at the helm, you will keep more of your money throughout the process with our streamlined project approach.

Minimal Maintenance

When you buy a home that’s older, you have to spend more to take care of it due to the fact that things will break and go bad. With new builds, you can take advantage of tax credits, advancements in energy-saving technology and other engineering advancements.

Lower Bills

When you build a home, you can ensure that the latest in energy-saving materials are present. Take a look at better insulation, better appliances, and more efficient heating and cooling systems.


A custom home allows you to personalize your home to your exact needs. Buying a home means compromising on many features. If you want both an open layout and a mudroom, you might have to settle for one or the other. Building a home could get you that and more.



If you are looking for a fast move, then building a home won’t be the option for you. While buying and moving into a pre-built home can take a few weeks, building a home can take months. Building with Wiltrack ensures you stay on time once you start your project.


While there are a lot of cost-saving things about a new home, they do cost more than older homes in many cases. When you build with Wiltrack your budget is strictly adhered to with the exception of approved change orders.


While finding a pre-built home in any given neighborhood is easy, finding a lot isn’t always that simple. Reach out to Wiltrack for a complimentary consultation for help with finding the perfect location.

Why Choose a Custom Home Builder

The full story is that it isn’t enough to hire a custom home builder. if you hire just anyone you could still end up with extended project timelines and being over budget. Choosing to hire a custom home builder is the right choice when you hire Wiltrack. We know you are looking for the best when it comes to building your dreams and we are dedicated to delivering a dream-like building experience.

Because we are selective about who we work with, you can trust in the fact that if we aren’t a good fit or we don’t think we can make your dreams come true we will let you know. We know how important it is to work with the right custom home builder. If you don’t have a good match there will inevitably be miscommunications and problems that come up in the project. We believe that the experience of building your dream home should be just as amazing and luxurious as living in it.

Here are a few things we think set us apart…

Faster move-in date

One advantage of hiring a firm like Wiltrack Construction is the speed at which everything is completed. First, your search, when you look to build your own home, you need a designer, engineer, and build team. Finding each one of those individuals can be complicated. Wiltrack  has everything under one roof.

When you choose Wiltrack, the architect will be able to walk down the hall and talk to the project manager and engineer right when something happens, like change orders. The home you have in your head may morph and change as you see things come to life. Change orders can be costly and extend the project timeline, but with all of the pros under one roof, those factors can be mitigated.


One Contact For Everything

Simplicity is the name of the game for homeowners in custom home construction. Many homeowners don’t want to have three or for points of contact to keep everything straight. Custom home builders like Wiltrack Construction offer one point of contact from the design phase until well after you’ve moved into your new space. 

This simplifies the process and will reduce miscommunication and misunderstanding as your new home is built. This will speed up the construction of your custom home and maintain the integrity of the project as compared to a traditional build. 


Save More Money

When your designer and project manager are working together, they have the ability to find the best solution for everyone. This can result in more cost-effective designs that don’t have to be reworked partway through the construction of the home. They can see issues before they arise, saving money through time and pre-planning. Those new ideas you had might have been change orders with another firm, but with Wiltrack they were seamlessly worked into your custom home build.


Beautiful Communication For Everyone

Last, but certainly not least, we’ve talked about the ability to communicate between all groups multiple times on this page, but it bears repeating. We think this idea is so important, it deserves a space of its own! The Wiltrack experience is grounded in clear communication and care with everyone including you, the management team, and the project teams.


If you are thinking about hiring a custom home builder to create a luxurious custom home in the South Florida area, then look no further than Wiltrack Construction!