Top Six Energy Saving Home Tips for New Homeowners

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When you move into your new custom home, you’re ready to start living and enjoying your life. However, upon getting that first energy bill, reality might set in. After all, even a new energy efficient home will have bills in the year-round Florida heat. Today, we’re here to give you the best ten tips for saving energy in a new home.

Reduce How Water Consumption

We all love a good hot bath now and then. However, every day can get costly in the long run. Cutting back on showers, using local outdoor plants that need less water, and taking shorter showers can help you save with each water and electricity bill. 

Watch the Temperature

Make sure your programmable thermostat is there to help you save money by having a work setting, at home setting, and sleep setting. When you are away, try turning up the temperature in your house by three degrees so that your air conditioning isn’t spending your money on an empty home. Leave a bit higher when you’re at home and turn it down for sleep for maximum comfort and savings. 

Use a Variable Speed Pump for the Pool or Spa

Homeowners with pools and spas know the cost of having fun during the summer. However, using a pool pump with variable speed or a smart controller can allow you to save on electricity when no one is using it. Insulated covers on spas can help as well.

Track Light Usage

Though it might seem small, make sure you turn the lights off in a room where they’re not needed. Open the window curtain to let light in and turn the lights off when you leave a room. In addition, turn off any electrical device when you aren’t using it. Many would be surprised by how much of our monthly electricity cost comes from forgetting to turn things off! 

Maintain Your Home

Since you are starting in a new home, tips like update window seals and upgrade insulation won’t be as much of a help. However, maintaining the quality of your home can do wonders. By having regular checks on your HVAC and only furnishing your home with low energy using appliances and electronics, you will take your new custom home to the next level or energy savings.

Go to Bed

If you aren’t getting eight hours of sleep a night, not only are you hurting your body, you’re hurting your wallet! Save money by aiming to sleep eight hours a night. Also, keep away from all electronics for an hour before sleep to allow your mind to rest. This will keep all electronics and more lights off in the house, which translated to better sleep and more savings!

Owners of new custom built homes don’t have to worry about the save energy saving issues that owners of older homes do. However, that doesn’t mean that there is nothing that you can do to save money on your bills. Being mindful and following these six simple tips can lower the bills in your new home while also giving you the bonus of better and longer sleep!

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