What is a Design + Build Construction Company?

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Design-Build means one team from start to finish. Simplified construction and open communication enable one firm to reach otherwise unattainable cost and speed savings. When you work with a design + build firm, you can expect to sit at the table with the best architects, builders, engineers, and estimators regularly. The open communication between these groups forms the basis of a design-build construction company.

What is Design-Build?

In this type of construction method, one company is in charge of both the design and build processes. You, the homeowner, are often left with one point of contact for all phases of the project rather than two or three. In addition, during a design-build project, a single business will hold the responsibility and risk for all aspects of the build. These factors simplify the project and keep you as the homeowner safer and more knowledgeable about what is happening.

How Does Design-Build Differ From Traditional Construction?

In a traditional home construction project, the homeowner has to find a designer to create the plans. In addition, this could mean finding a surveyor so that you can provide the site plans to the designer. Following the design of the project, the homeowner must search for a construction builder. This group will then talk to the designer throughout the construction process.

However, this method of custom home creation can create communication issues as these two separate companies work together for what could be the first time. On the other hand, a design-build firm has a team of coordinated members that know and have worked with each other many times in the past. 

When you look at a design-build firm, you don’t need to look for anyone else. The firm will create design plans and build those plans. They will be in charge of obtaining the sub-contractors needed to get the job done and making sure you get exactly what you are looking for. 

Cost Savings

It should be no surprise that a design-build style construction saves the homeowner money. Design-Builds often reduces the construction cost that a homeowner faces as well as the time they have to spend. Studies have shown that the unit cost, cost growth, schedule growth, and construction speed are all significantly better with a design-build firm. Construction speed is estimated to be an average of 13% faster for design-build over a traditional setup.

How to Choose a Design+Build Construction Company

When looking for a design-build firm to build your custom home, it is important to think about a few things. For example, the flexibility, budget, and style of communication that you would like to have in a firm. Make sure to ask each firm what their call-back rate is. This is the rate that they are called back to fix an issue that they caused. They should have a low call-back number to prove they know what they are doing. 

In addition, you should look for a strong safety rate and high bonding capacity. These talk about how well the business on the employee and the business side, respectively. If a business has a bad safety rating, that means they could get hurt on your site leading to litigation and list time. If the bonding rate is low, this signals weak financial health and potential troubles getting you an on-time and budget project. 

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