How to Plan a Garage Conversion

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Perhaps one of the most efficient ways to expand is through converting your garage. You can add value and space to your home with less planning and complication. In addition, if you have a double garage, you can use just half of the space so that you can keep space for one car each day.

Garage conversions have one more added benefit; they won’t take up any more of your yard. If you have gardens around your home, using your garage means you can keep your home the way that it is, for the most part. If you’re looking into this as an option, you should expect to pay at least $7,000 for a complete and proper conversion, still much cheaper than moving a buying a new home.

How Much Does a Garage Conversion Cost?

The cost of converting a garage in Florida will vary depending on what you choose to do. The cheapest options will have you build a wall and add some flooring and paint. However, you can go further and add windows, better flooring, and even a room within the garage. 

You should expect at least $7,000 when it’s all said and done. It’s important to remember that the costs that come with foundations, walls, and electrical will be saved in the space as the basics are already there. If the structure is in need of repairs before conversion, then it might be best to demolish it and rebuild as it could end up costing more.

What Can Your Garage Become?

Depending on how much shifting you want to do within your home, converting a garage can complete change and rehaul the look and feel of your home.


One of the more open rooms that can be added to the garage in the kitchen. This is perfect if your current kitchen is very small or older. Simply demolish the old kitchen to create a bigger living room bedroom or dining area and move the kitchen into the garage or an open kitchen with space for a breakfast area and tons of storage.


Since your garage is likely attached to your home in the entry, kitchen, or living rooms, adding a bedroom or living room could prove odd in the final layout of the home. However, converting this space into a mudroom, bathroom, kennel, or laundry room can be the perfect way to get the leaning space you need in the rest of your home. Create a space to wash clothing, shower when coming in from the beach, and store pet supplies so that you can have a cleaner home and more space. 


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