Adding a Home Addition Up or Out

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In past blogs, we’ve talked about how you can plan for home additions when you build a custom home. Planning ahead in this manner can save the current costs of building and leave opportunities later in life. However, what if you didn’t plan?

If you are looking into adding an addition to your home you might think, “should I build a second story or should I add an addition to the side of my home? Deciding what to do after you home has been built is no easy feat. You’ll have to go through almost the same work as you did when or would do when building a custom home. 

Building a Home Addition Up

If you are thinking about adding to your home by adding a second floor, there are a few things to think about. First, can you home handle this extra load? Adding a second floor to your home is exactly like stacking another home on top of your already existing structure. If your house is not ready for this extra weight, then you can run into issues both during construction and later as the home settles. 


Step one in building up will be to find either a knowledgeable construction manager, designer, or a structural engineer. They will be able to tell you where you can build up and by how much. In addition, they can tell you if you will be able to reinforce your home so that you could build up further if you wish. 

More Expensive

This option will likely end up being more expensive than building out. Unlike building out, you have to build on a structure that already exists. This means being more careful, working during specific hours, and keeping in mind the load requirements of the original home. However, with the expense comes less space taken.

More Yard

When you add to a home, you often take up space from the yard. This is not the case when you build up. Homes with limited yard space should think about building up as a way to save what green area they have. Keep in mind that HOA might have laws about this so you should check with them as well as your city council.

Building a Home Addition Out

If you are thinking about building your home addition out, then you’re in the majority of homeowners. Building out is simpler and takes less time and money. A good designer will be able to create a seamless design that connects your hold home to your new addition. However, there are a few things to think about.

Less Yard

When building out, you will be left with less yard than before. That’s why adding a home addition to the side of your house is best done when you have ample yard space to give up. Think about how much space you’re willing to lose before going through with the build.

Less Destruction

When you build out, builders won’t have to replace your roof with a second floor and staircase. This results in an easier build as well as less stress during the project. Overall, building out has more positives than negatives, but thought should be given to all parts of your project and situation.

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