Five Qualities of a Great Custom Home Builder

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When it comes to building a custom home, you need to be sure that you have the right person. A custom home isn’t a small investment or one that should be taken lightly. This will be the place that you will live for the rest of your life or at least decades to come. Today, we’re going to talk about the five things that you need to make sure that your custom home builder does or has going for them.

One: A Process

When looking for the perfect custom home builder, you’ll learn about the many ways that each does business. Within each company, make sure that their method of getting stuff done has been time tested and proven cost-effective. Make sure you ask each custom home builder what their process is before, during, and after. If they don’t have a detailed process or one that doesn’t work for you, chances are you should keep looking.

Two: Proper Experience

When looking for the right custom home builder, you need someone who has experience planning, supporting, and finishing a custom home. You should avoid builders who have only worked on cookie-cutter dwellings as well as home builders that are just getting started and haven’t done anything custom on their own. Only the experienced builders will be able to sit down with you and plan your dream home correctly.

Three: Customer Satisfaction

In the age of online reviews, making sure that your custom home builder is “legit” is easy. However, many can forget to really take a look at these reviews. Finding a good custom home builder means finding someone who has made previous homeowners happy. If you have the chance, you should even talk face to face to a previous customer of the construction company. Try looking at their Facebook page or on Google and contact a few of the people that left public reviews for you to read. 

Four: Find a Design-Build

Though we might be biased, we firmly believe that the best custom home builders come from design-build firms. After all, do you want a custom home builder that’s just reading plans? You could have a home builder that not only reads plans but knows how to design them, edit them, and visualize them as well. In addition, having a design-build firm will enable you to stop the search with just one place. You won’t have to find a designer, an engineer, and a construction company. All will be found within one location.  

Five: Trust Your Gut

The final piece in the custom home build search is your gut. A custom home is a large investment. You should do a lot of research and investigation before settling on one builder or another. However, even if you’ve found nothing but positive wording, if your gut doesn’t like them, don’t use them. Your custom home builder should simply fit into your plans. It shouldn’t feel like pulling teeth.

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