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A little more about us

We are a local general contractor company that specializes in custom home building and remodeling. We pride ourselves on being the only point of contact for your project, and I will go into more detail about that below.

  • One point of contact means less moving parts and a smoother process for our customers. That means we can provide you with a floor plan and engineered plans or set you up with a few of our local architects if you wanted to go that route. We also have designers that we deal with daily; we would put you into contact with if you needed a little more help than what we provide. We will deal with all facets of construction from pre-construction to the final move-in day with your new set of keys. So you will not have to call a plumber, call the power company, find a fence guy, or deal with the dreaded building department. That is all included in every project we do so we can make it as effortless as possible during construction.
  • We utilize sub-contractors for our projects. We have been using for well over ten years, that relationship not only helps your project run smoothly but also over those years, we have trained them to provide the highest level of quality in our homes. By using our sub-contractors, not only can we offer a better service for you, but we also can take on a more significant workload than a self-performing contractor. We can have them scheduled for multiple projects and not have our one crew tied up on another house, causing your project to sit.
  • The relationship that we build is not finished when the house is complete; we will be there for all of your future projects. Say you plan to sell the home you are in and need to have some repairs done, one call us and we will take care of all the fine details that are on your inspection list, so you don’t have to track down a bunch of contractors that never end up getting back to you or never completing the work.
  • Our service team is in house, so any issues that may arise after you move in no matter how large or small we will always be there to take care of it for you!

If you would like to learn more about the building process and informative posts please check out or blog or our youtube page.