How To Know Which Kitchen Countertop Is Right For You & Your Family

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How To Pick the Right Kitchen Countertop For You & Your Family

If you’ve been considering having your kitchen remodeled, you may be looking at countertop options. And if that’s the case, it’s entirely possible you’re a bit confused by all of your choices. We’re going to review the basics of countertop materials, including the pros, cons, and price points of each. That way, when you’re ready for your kitchen renovation, you’ll have a better idea of what could be the best countertop for you.

Choosing kitchen countertops
White kitchen design features large bar style kitchen island with granite countertop illuminated by modern pendant lights. Northwest, USA

Indestructible Kitchen Countertop Granite

You can’t get any more natural or beautiful than granite, and that’s one of the reasons it’s been so prevalent in construction for thousands of years. Granite takes millions of years to compress and form deep in the earth. And when it comes to countertops, one of the most appealing aspects of this material is that it’s both heat and scratch-resistant. Let’s look at some other pros and cons.
  • Pros: each piece of granite is unique, adds value to your home, is very durable, and sustainable. It resists stains and scratches. Granite is heat-resistant and won’t blister or melt and is low maintenance.
  • Cons: granite can crack and is more expensive than other products and may have seams depending upon size. It’s porous, and if you don’t seal granite properly, it will stain if you spill wine, oil, or juice on it. Plus, bacteria and dirt can get into the pores. So it’s essential to seal it initially and each year after installation.
  • Cost: There are a lot of variables when talking about the cost of granite. For an average kitchen, countertops can run $2,000 to $4,000. And the price depends on the size, whether you have a backsplash or not, and what type of edge you want.
quartzite countertop
Kitchen in luxury home with white granite island

Elegant Kitchen Countertops Marble

Although marble is a natural stone like granite, there are differences between the two in look, feel, and durability. Overall, marble looks more elegant. It’s the stone used for the timeless sculpture, Venus de Milo, and many other works of art. But it is much softer and can scratch and stain much easier than granite. With proper care, marble makes beautiful kitchen counters. However, this natural material can be high-maintenance. Marble is also well-suited for fireplace mantels, hearths, windowsills, and backsplashes.

  • Pros: beautifully sophisticated, marble comes in a variety of rich and vibrant colors from pure white to deep black and everything in between, all with beautifully unique veins. With strict care, it can be used for kitchen counters.
  • Cons: marble is more porous, stains easier, and is much softer than the almost indestructible granite. Pots, pans, and knives can scratch the surface. It etches easily, which makes it lose its shine. Although it can be polished, it won’t look the same once it loses the original luster. Marble isn’t as kid-friendly as other surfaces.
  • Costs: the price of marble is higher than granite but is available at all different price points depending on the size needed.


Natural Stone Quartzite Kitchen Countertop

Quartzite is a low-maintenance natural stone composed almost completely from sandstone (quartz). It mainly comes in white or gray and looks very similar to marble. This material offers a sophisticated look with its unique patterns and has a range of about a dozen colors. Unlike marble, it’s resistant to scratches, heat, and chemicals. Besides countertops, it’s used in wall coverings, flooring, stair steps, and vanity tops.

  • Pros: it looks like marble, so if you want the look of marble without the high-maintenance, this is an excellent choice. It’s incredibly durable, easy to clean and sanitize, won’t etch, and is resistant to UV. Quartzite is popular with builders, designers, and homeowners because it has beautifully subtle patterns and comes in lighter shades that mirror the look of marble.
  • Cons: It’s not indestructible and can be damaged and scratched by knives and sharp objects. Also, it’s not heat resistant. Compared to other man-made products, there are limited color choices. And depending on what you select, you may need to seal it more often.
  • Costs: the cost of quartzite is less-expensive than granite, but does come at all different price-points and usually starts around $60 a square foot.

Man-Made Kitchen Countertops Quartz

Quartz is an engineered stone containing about 93% crushed quartz and the remaining resins and pigments. Since it’s engineered stone, it has consistent patterns and comes in thousands of colors. This material has become more popular in the last several years. One of the reasons for the popularity is the variety of available colors and textures.

Pros: it’s highly- durable and easy to maintain, so it doesn’t collect bacteria like other surfaces. Plus, it doesn’t need sealing. It’s non-porous, so it won’t stain like granite or marble. Being man-made, it comes in a wider range of colors than marble or granite. The consistent pattern makes it somewhat easier to hide seams.

Cons: not heat resistant and can damage easily if you set a hot pan on the surface. And seams will be somewhat visible. Additionally, quartz is not UV resistant, so it can discolor over time if exposed to the sun. The price point can be more expensive. And sink options are a bit more limited.

There’s a Perfect Countertop For Every Kitchen & Family

Family friendly countertops
Beautiful Custom Kitchen Interior in a New House

The final choice of the best countertop for you and your family is ultimately your decision. With our years of experience, we can help guide you towards your best options. You should first start out with a budget in mind and how durable you need the countertop to be. If you have children, it’s best to avoid marble because of its high maintenance, plus it’s not as durable as some materials like quartz. Also, if you want a wider selection of colors, quartz is the right choice.

You can never go wrong with granite, and it will add to the value of your home, especially if you’re considering selling within the next few years. If you’re building your luxury home, marble would be the best choice.

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