Where to Find Custom Home Inspiration

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When you are looking to build a custom home, the first task is figuring out what you want in that home. A designer can help; however, you need a starting point. There will be many questions that you need rough answers to. For example, open-concept, how many bedrooms, craftsman or modern, and more. Wiltrack Construction has gathered the top places that you can find custom home inspiration. 

Open Homes

The most obvious place might be going to open homes. Try looking at homes all over and in all different price ranges. Since you are not looking for a home to buy, all homes should be on the table. Perhaps a one-bedroom home has an amazing kitchen that gives you ideas. On the other hand, a two-million-dollar home might show you that open concept is perfect for you. Getting ideas from homes on the market is a great way to see things in practice.

Other People’s Homes

Aside from open homes, there are other ways to see what you like and don’t like. Think about when you visit friends both now and as a child. Are there things that you know you hate? On the other hand, was there something in a particular house that you loved? Maybe it was the layout of a bedroom or the connection between the kitchen and dining room. Think about other homes that you have been into; you never know where inspiration may strike.

Home & Garden Shows

If you are looking for the final details of a home, then home & garden shows are a great place to find what you need. Here, you can expect to find details for the floor, wall, door, and garden. You might determine that a metal roof would fit your theme more than shingles. On the other hand, you might realize that having a smart home is important to you when building a custom home. In addition, information on the price you can expect should come in useful when trying to make the real decisions later.


If you like to take vacations, why not take some tours. Going to old forts, castles, or homes can give you an idea of what might be interesting in your own home. While it might not seem like much, seeing the curved ceilings of a fort might make you realize that flat boxes aren’t the way you want to do your custom home. On the other hand, walking through a palace might show you the importance of a huge kitchen. While you’ll never get exactly what these places have, the over the top way each is done could bring an idea into your mind. 


Finding inspiration for a custom home is more than Pinterest. Going to open homes, friends homes, and even tours of historic homes are all great ways to get inspiration for your future home. Remember to take photos and write about what you like and don’t like. Everything will help to create the perfect custom home for you.

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