Biggest Mistakes New Home Owners Make When Remodeling Their Home

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When you buy a pre-built home, there is a chance you will want to remodel certain aspects. That’s normal as there’s a high chance you didn’t get the perfect home for you. RIght after you buy a home, you want to give it your style and make it right for you. However, there’s a lot more to remodeling a home than thinking up the idea and tearing down walls. As remodeling experts in Florida, we’ve taken the time to gather some of the biggest mistakes we see all the time, so you don’t have to make them.

Starting Too Soon

When you buy your home, you should try to live in it for a little while to make sure that you want the changes you are planning. You should learn the flow of the home as it is and plan on what would make the flow better. Most of the time, new homeowners come in and make the flow what they want rather than working with what they have.

Underestimate Costs

Though cheaper than building a custom home, remodeling a home isn’t cheap. Most jobs will take longer and cost more than the average person expects. If you think you have the budget, then look at adding 20% more to that cost and see if you can still afford it. If you can, then talk to a contractor and make sure you are ready for unexpected issues that may arise.

No Designer

Just as a custom home needs a designer’s touch, a renovation should be at least looked at by a designer. Good professional help in designing will ensure that the money you spend will make the home perfect for you. When choosing a designer, it’s important that you take a look at their past work to make sure that their style and flow work with yours.

Pretending to Understand

Looking at blueprints is complicated to the untrained eye. However, sometimes, designers and contractors can forget to make things simpler for the homeowner. If someone shows you the blueprints, don’t just pretend to understand. If you can’t visualize, go to a parking lot with some painters tape and have them help you map it out!

Buying Missized Furniture

Though you might have the width of your walls, chances are you didn’t think about the layout of the hall and the size of the door. Many homeowners buy a huge couch that perfectly fits into the living room before they realize that it won’t fit into the door and down the hallway. 

Trying to be a General Contractor

A real general contractor has a few things many homeowners can’t offer, experience, accountability, and local knowledge. Knowing where to get the supplies for the best deals, what subcontractors to use, and how to get it all done will be vital to the job. In addition, the respect they command in regards to a subcontractor will always be more than you as the homeowner. Sometimes you can work it out yourself, but the larger the job, the more you’ll need a GC.

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