Questions to Ask When Remodeling a Kitchen

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If you’re looking to update your home, one of the first places that you will think about is the kitchen. It’s where many families spend the most time throughout the day and month. As such, it will often bring in the most value to a home when updated. You might be thinking about making your home “open-concept” by taking down a wall or changing the layout of the room completely. However, there are some things that you should think about when looking to do a kitchen remodel.

Where are the Supporting Walls?

The first question you must ask when remodeling is which walls are the supporting walls of the home. If you plan on changing the layout of the home dramatically, then this might be the most important question that you can ask. However, if you don’t want to move any of the walls, you can skip right over this question. 

When looking for the supporting walls, it’s best to have an inspector or structural engineer look to see which walls in your home are supporting the roof. They can look for these through plans as well as in the ceiling and crawl space. After they’re done, you should know what walls will be staying and what walls are easy to change.

What’s Required to Change My Layout?

If you’re looking to move your stove, sink, and fridge to a new location during the remodel, you need to ask some questions first. Each of these appliances has needs and certain requirements to function. While plugs and sockets are easy to change, running new water lines isn’t always that simple. Ask your designer about the costs of running new high voltage lines and water lines to determine is a total kitchen transformation is in your budget.

In addition to the water and electricity, think about plumbing. In other words, where is the water going to go once it’s used? Traditionally, homes are built in lines meaning that they want the water and sewer lines to be straight and short. Moving these lines is often the most expensive part of a home remodel. It might be best to think of a layout that doesn’t involve changing the water lines in the kitchen,

What Will I Want in the Future?

If you’re planning to remodel the home to sell, this question might not be relevant. However, if you are renovating the house for the long run, then this is a question that could use a lot of thought. Remodeling a home means having the chance to make important changes as well as aesthetic ones. 

As you get older, you might want lower counters as well as easier to open drawers and cabinets. Another idea, think about a moving island for ease of access with a walker or a wheelchair. If you want to have children in the home, child-safe features could be designed in making it safe both now and later with grandchildren or pets.


Overall, remodeling a home is as complicated as building one, maybe more so. Make sure to think about the details so that you are surprised later. Contact us if you are looking for design or construction in your renovation.

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