How Wiltrack Construction is Taking Precautions Against the Coronavirus

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Learn How Wiltrack Construction is Taking Precautions Against the Coronavirus

At Wiltrack Construction & Development Group, we take pride in serving South Florida in the areas of commercial and residential construction. We’ve worked tirelessly to earn the trust of the citizens of Stuart and the surrounding areas.

These are tumultuous times, though, with Covid-19, better known as the Coronavirus, disrupting the daily lives of many of our neighbors and friends. Nearly everyone has been impacted in one way or another, and that’s certainly true of industries like construction and home renovation.

It’s distressing to see some of the fear and worry that’s become widespread at this point. However, the whole Wiltrack team is confident that with common sense and human kindness prevailing, we should all be able to make it through just fine.

Our company is in the process of adhering to governmental and state guidelines as we see our way through the unprecedented events of these past few weeks. We understand that the ideal way to do so is to use existing technologies and safety precautions to continue moving forward as we deal with the rapidly-changing situation that is unfolding.

It would be unrealistic to think that things in the immediate future are going to be “business as usual.” However, we’re also not going to let our company, and the construction industry as a whole, grind to a halt because of what is taking place. To illustrate this, we’ve come up with a list of precautions and options of which you should be aware if you’re a current customer or are considering becoming one.

Video Conferencing Meetings

One fact that has become widely accepted at this point is that the best way to slow or stop the spread of Covid-19 is to avoid large gatherings. This is the very essence of sheltering in place or self-quarantining. The Center for Disease Control says that the best way to avoid catching the virus and to avoid spreading it is to act as though you already have it.

Under normal circumstances, there would be plenty of individuals, business owners, or families who’d be looking to remodel or redesign existing structures or talk about the construction of new ones. We could have our contact or team meet with them onsite or another location of their choosing.

At the moment, though, these face-to-face meetings must be considered impractical or unsafe. Even if you’re not exhibiting any Coronavirus symptoms, there’s always the chance that you might still have it, but you’re asymptomatic. It was thought at one point that younger individuals or those without preexisting conditions weren’t in much danger from this virus. However, at this point, there is a wide range of individuals being hospitalized.

Because of this, it’s best to avoid meeting with anyone in-person right now to talk about your upcoming construction project. You don’t have to scrap the idea, though. It’s still possible to talk about it through video conferencing.

Video Conferencing Isn’t as Daunting as You Might Think

There are some individuals who are resistant to the idea of video conferencing if they have never used the technology before. If you take the time to try it, though, you’ll likely be surprised by how easy and intuitive it is to use.

For instance, if you’re a prospective Wiltrack customer or an existing one, and you own an iPhone, then you can Facetime with one of our representatives. There are also options like a Skype video call that you can make through your desktop, laptop, or tablet. You can show us around the existing structure as you describe to us what it is you want to do. You could show us visuals of what you want in magazines as well if you can find a picture of it.

By doing so, we’ll get some idea of what it is you have in mind, and we’ll be able to get back to you with an estimate for the material and labor costs. We might not be able to work on the project immediately, but this way, you’ll move to the front of the line once things get back to normal.

You Can Also Email Us Images of What You Want

If you don’t feel like video conferencing is for you, then there are other options. For instance, you can take pictures of where the construction is going to take place. If it’s a new addition that’s going to be added onto your home, then showing us the existing structure will be helpful. Again, we can start to assess how much your project is going to cost if you get us as many details as possible.

You can send the pictures to a member of our team via email, or through a text message chain. There’s no reason that we can’t avail ourselves of the connectivity of the modern world since our ability to meet in-person has been impeded.

You Can Call Us as Well

If you aren’t able to get us images of what you want in the ways that we described, then a good old-fashioned phone call can get the ball rolling. Describing your project to us over the phone will at least give us some idea of what you have in mind. At that point, we can put you on the list of projects we need to get to once the Coronavirus is under control.

What About Existing Projects?

Some of you are probably wondering about ongoing projects with us. If you already have an existing contract, and you’re wondering what kind of impact Covid-19 is going to have on it, then rest assured, we’re taking precautions in that area as well.

First and foremost, we would never send one of our contractors anywhere if they are exhibiting symptoms of Coronavirus. Testing capabilities might not be widespread at this point. However, any employee who is coughing, sneezing, running a fever, or demonstrating other possible symptoms will go into self-quarantine and not work on your project. That is for their safety as well as yours.

Those contractors of ours who show no symptoms are still going to be working diligently on your projects. However, due to governmental and state regulations, we won’t be sending whole teams of workers to your home or other existing construction sites. The guidelines for social distancing indicate that this would be potentially unsafe.

The Current Conditions Will Slow Construction Projects

This means that although work on your projects will be getting done, it’s going to be slower than you might have anticipated. We understand that this is probably going to be frustrating for you. We’ll do all that we can to keep your projects moving forward, while at the same time keeping the safety of both you and our employees foremost in mind.

Cleanliness Will be a Priority

For those contractors who are continuing to work on your projects, cleanliness and proper precautions as mandated by state and federal governing bodies will be in full effect. Our workers will wear protective gear as needed, wash their hands frequently, use antibacterial wipes, etc. We’ll also work to limit their contact with you, even if both you and they exhibit no symptoms. Again, those who are carrying the virus but show no signs of it can still just as easily spread it as those who are visibly affected.

We’ll Only Continue Working on Your Project with Your Permission

Even though we are committed to honoring our existing commitments, we would never take any actions that you, as our customers, deem to be unsafe. With this in mind, if you want construction on your project halted during this period of uncertainty, we can certainly accommodate you there as well.

All you have to do is reach out to us and let us know if you’d like your project to be put on hold until the virus seems to be more contained. While it is uncertain exactly when that is going to be, Wiltrack is going to continue to monitor the situation closely.

This is a challenging time for all of us, locally, nationally, and globally. The very word “pandemic” can inspire fear, and it’s natural to feel uncertainty as we wait to see what the “new normal” is going to become. All indications are, though, that this is something that we’re going to get through together. Hopefully, we’ll be stronger and better prepared should something similar ever happen again.

The construction industry is undoubtedly going to be slowed by this, as indeed, there will be few niches that aren’t affected. Wiltrack is committed to standing with South Florida, and the community of Stuart, specifically, just as we have always done. If you are a current customer or are considering becoming one, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us with any concerns or queries you have.

We know that strong community ties are vital right now as we navigate these troubling times. Let’s be there for one another and try to stay positive as we look forward to beating Covid-19.

Wiltrack Construction & Development Group, LLC specializes in providing high quality construction services for our neighbors in Florida. Contact us for a free quote on your next project.

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